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I do not identify with the MRM.

NOTE: My layout doesn't show credit or commentary on quotes. If it seems contradicting to my own views, you'll have to click reblog to read it on the edit page.

This blog is run by Chelsea. It used to be run by three women, but now it’s just me. If you look through my archives, that’s why you’ll sometimes see signatures at the bottom or read a post that sounds like a different person’s writing or that holds a different opinion than what I usually state. I also haven’t weeded out all the “we”s, “our”s, and “us”s and it’s really not a huge priority of mine, so I’m just clarifying that I don’t have multiple personalities :p

What is the purpose of this blog?

I am a gender egalitarian. I don’t believe in fighting for one specific group’s set of rights, I believe in fighting for the rights of the human race as a whole. Every individual is important, no matter their race or gender. I believe that all groups have privilege, and that all groups suffer from lack of privilege. This blog is a representation of my disagreements with feminism, specifically. I do not believe all feminists are the same, or that all feminists are bigoted and arrogant, but I do believe the movement and its theories are inherently sexist, even when they aren’t intended to be. For a list of more anti-feminist/egalitarian blogs click here.


If your question is not answered, it is probably because I already answered a similar question recently, or it wasn’t received. I answer everything I get, as long as it is a legitimate question.

Egalitarianism + common questions and accusations concerning anti-feminism:

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