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I do not identify with the MRM.

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wow can i just direct your attention to this post.

you were answering questions before about how “not all feminists are like that” and it just makes me laugh how the feminists that “are like that” don’t even recognise the other feminists as feminists???

how can anyone trust a movement that actually hates half of the people in it?

(i also love how they added that feminism is NOT about choice, at least anti-porn feminists are honest!)

Haha. The insane feminists aren’t considered feminists by the “sane” feminists and the “sane” feminists aren’t considered feminists by the insane feminists. This sounds like a wonderful world where no one is a feminist. I wish it were real.

I’m not going to respond to her directly, but I guess I’ll analyze it.

This is the only time I’ll really mention men, because it’s a huge flaw in her argument: rape is not a symptom of patriarchy or a gender issue. It affects everyone. Her absurd claim that men are conditioned to hate women just shows how little she really knows about patriarchy, and how self-centered she is, as most feminists are, whether on purpose or just due to ignorantly believing feminism’s propaganda. Men are raped just as much as women, especially when they’re younger, more when you include prison rape, men are trafficked just as much as women, and women rape just as much as men do, including in cases of child rape/molestation and student rape. This alone should prove that systematic oppression against men exists, simply because society rarely acknowledges it and most governments don’t even consider it a crime and actually punish male victims of rape with child support. I have no problem with the fact that she only mentions the female side of rape, and I don’t think men need to necessarily be mentioned all of the time when covering the different aspects of rape, but it at least needs to be acknowledged in an argument that it’s only reinforcing patriarchal stereotypes to generalize men as the constant aggressor and women as the constant victim, and it’s just plain false.

That’s the last I’ll say on men, I’ll stick to women now, since that’s all she covers.

I agree with her that “sexual liberation” in the sex industry is actually much more harmful in most situations than it is liberating, whether those negative affects are small (self-esteem) or large (non-consensual acts), but she’s basically saying that women aren’t strong enough to make their own decisions, and that they need to be protected from their own decisions because bad things could happen. Most of her argument is based on the condition that prostitution is still illegal, which is a huge part of the sex trafficking industry’s prevalence, in my opinion. I’m against prohibition in every aspect because it doesn’t work and has more negative affects than allowing said activity to take place. It doesn’t work with guns, it doesn’t work with drugs, it doesn’t work with abortion, and it doesn’t work with prostitution. Education is the only way to change society, force is only going to cause more rebellion, and if you really want to fix problems, rather than force conformity because it’s convenient, then education is the better option.

Whether she likes it or not, porn has lowered the prevalence of rape. She claims it’s offensive toward men to claim this is true, because it assumes men have no control over their sexual impulses, but I don’t find it offensive at all to state that some people that can’t control their sexual impulses happen to be men, and that porn helps this. She also doesn’t seem to find it offensive to generalize women as being the only victims of rape and men the only perpetrators, but hey, that’s feminist logic for you. Either way, I’d rather offend a shitload of people and lower the prevalence of rape than to worry about if anyone’s feelings are hurt.

In the same way that porn has lowered rape statistics, I think legalization of prostitution will lower sex trafficking rates and crime rates within prositution. If you stop making people criminals for consensual acts that harm no one, then those people stop hiding where all the criminals are. At the very least, it will focus more attention on non-consensual acts in the sex industry like trafficking, rather than chasing down pimps and prostitutes for what they do in the privacy of wherever.

I’m not saying that all the problems will go away when we allow prostitution and and accept that pornography should remain legal, but I am saying that the outcome will be much better than when we force it underground, where it’s harder to help the people that really are being forced to do things against their will.

Her anti-freedom opinions would end up pushing us into a much more violent, unsafe, sexist society, in which she would see a perpetual need for feminism. I see what she did there.

I do love the snark at the end towards housewives though and saying it’s just as bad as prostitution. I hope she never has kids, they’ll be fucked up knowing how much their mother abhors spending time with them. Also, that was the first time I’ve ever seen someone refer to feminists as individualists. I snorted. I’d hate to see her reaction if she ever meets an actual individualist.

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