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I do not identify with the MRM.

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See, men, here’s the thing you don’t get: You’re not entitled to *shit*. Not a fuckin’ thing. You’re not entitled to a girl’s body, attention, time, you-name-it. She doesn’t appreciate your hitting on her and *dares* to say so? Yep, she can do that, and if your first reaction is “that bitch!”, then guess what, you’re not the “nice guy” you think you are — you’re a fucking douchebag who’s so used to getting what he wants that you can’t stomach another person saying “no.”

I am *so* fucking sick of men not getting it. Women are not property. They’re not second-class citizens, despite your treating them as such. Our “rights” are not what you think they are. Get a fuckin’ clue.

Actually, we do get it, you fucking moron.

We’re just looking for little things, like, I don’t know, not being discriminated against by law in the courtshealth care spendingreproductive rightsgovernment issue representationsupport for victims of domestic violence and rape, the list goes on.

If men aren’t entitled to basic human rights like that….well you can go fuck yourself, dear.

Sometimes my hatred for bigoted, self-centered, illogical feminists is too strong for words.

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    " I aint sexist or none of that I just hate when females generalize men… Like women aint the easiest to deal with so...
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    oh, man. There’s this feminist at my school. The other day she said, “You can’t be sexist against men.” REALLY?
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